Key Tool Lite Functions:
1. Support Android phone direct connection
2. Remote control generation (support universal smart key, wireless remote, wire remote, super remote)
3. Remote control frequency detection, remote control cloud recognition

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The VVDI Key Tool LITE offers an exceptionally budget-friendly option for aspiring locksmiths just starting out.

The VVDI-Bee Key Tool Lite, equipped with a Type C Port and bundled with 6 XKB501IN Wire Remotes at no additional cost, is fully compatible with Android devices.

Key Tool Lite Features:

  1. Seamless connection with Android smartphones.
  2. Comprehensive remote control capabilities, including support for universal smart keys, wireless remotes, wired remotes, and super remotes.
  3. Precise remote control frequency detection and cloud-based remote control recognition.
  4. Efficient chip identification, chip generation, and chip duplication.
  5. Detection of ignition switch coil signals, along with additional functionalities and more.

VVDI KEY BEE KEY TOOL LITE, Highly Cost-effective, One More Option:

For all locksmiths who use Android phones, the highly cost-effective xhorse key tool lite tool is an ideal choice. It not only has a compact and lightweight appearance but also has a variety of functions, which are very useful for your work.


  • Vehicle Remote
  • Garage Remote
  • Generate Transponder
  • Transponder Clone
  • Vvdi Super Chip
  • Vvdi Remote Function
  • Special Function
  • My Favorite
  • Frequency Detection


  • Support Android phone direct connection (iOS is not supported yet)
  •  Remote control generation (support Toyota XM Smart key, universal smart key, wireless
    remote, wire remote, super remote)
  •  Remote control frequency detection, remote control cloud recognition
  • Chip identification, chip generation, chip copy (46, 48, 4D 70/83, 8A/H, G, 4E, Suzuki Kaiyue folding key, 11/12/13/4C, 42, 33, 47, Haima 8C, Proton 8C, etc.) With 6 free B5 XKB501EN Wire Remotes.
Special Functions:
  • Ignition switch coil signal detection.
  • Set type of VVDI super chip
  • VVDI Special TP
  •  Smart key password calculation
  •  Remote renew
  • Unlock Toyota SmartKey
  •  Honda Cycle Key renew
  • 8E remote upgrader, unlock, and frequency conversion
  • Mazda ID 49 smart key light repair
Smart APP Control:

Download Xhorse APP and connect to KEY TOOL LITE via Type-C, you can simply finish various tasks directly on your Android smartphone.

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